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Welcome ... The HOME of the "Rockleigh SA Weather Station" is here at 007Digital.net. The Weather Station is privately operated and uses professional equipment to bring Live, Quality Controlled and Accurate weather data to the greater Rockleigh community; everyone is welcome.

Rockleigh is located in the Adelaide hills on the Eastern edge of the Mount Lofty Ranges 46 Kms East of Adelaide (approx. 80Kms by road) in South Australia (-34.99° 139.09°). The landscape consists of tree studded rolling hills and valleys with smaller deep gullys, winter creeks and bush attracting abundant wildlife including roo's. The land use is predominately a mixture of farming and bushland regeneration. As you go further East, the hills give way to the plains of the Murraylands. Due to it being located on the edge of the Mount Lofty Ranges, Rockleigh's rainfall varies considerably over short distances of just a kilometre or two. Travelling West and/or North through more elevated rolling hills you tend to see higher rainfall areas & travelling South, you see lower rainfall as the hills start to give way to the plains.

I hope you find "The Rockleigh SA Weather Station" a useful resource. For those who regularly visit this website, your continued support is greatly appreciated. Your welcome to email me at 001|at|007Digital.net ... Rob on the Hill @ Rockleigh.


The Data Page -: The Data page may not format correctly if your browsers text size has been increased. The Date & Time at the top of the Data Page is the exact time the data was captured and can be used to check that the data is live. ALL data is updated every 30 Seconds. "Live Telemetry" is in bold ... including fields with bracketed labels indicating there precedence over the column heading. Fields with single primes eg. 15', indicates minutes. ALL Data including rain is reset at 00:00 Hours daily and on January the first yearly. The data shown is derived from over 200 Million data points yearly.

Solar Radiation -: The "Solar Radiation/Hr - xxxx Wm² (Avg24/Mth)" field is a 24 Hr/Day running average for the current month so far making it easy to calculate your solar panels average daily or monthly power production in Watt/Hrs. Multiply the supplied value by your solar panels square metreage then multiply the answer by your panels efficiency percentage (available on the Web) & then multiply by the number of days in the month. For high accuracy, calculate the value at the end of the month. Similarly, the Y-Days "Solar Radiation/Hr - xxxx (Avg24)" field can be used to calculate yesterday's power production in Watt/Hrs.

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007DIGITAL -: Quality Controlled Data - YES. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that all weather data on this Website remains accurate. During a power or Internet outage website data is not updated; (please check the time stamp). After a power outage, "Restoring > Verifying Data" will be appended to the weather forecast until the process is complete. At all other times all Website data should be correct*.  *Precluding hardware or operator failure. )-:

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Hosted WX Data Websites -: Quality Controlled Data - NO. Weather Cloud and Weather Udergrounds free weather data hosting is primarily used by WX Station owners so they can have an easy graphical Web View of their stations now off site, cloud based data. I subscribed to them for evaluation purposes and found them to be intrinsically error prone & you were unable to correct data errors or add missing data. Obviously, they're unsuitable for the high accuracy needed for public use! As WC & WU are still prefered by some, I will continue to support them, but please appreciate that all hosted historical data will contain errors!


Web Site Update Intervals -: The Weather Data is predominantly live, so you can view the weather as it happens. All data is automatically updated so it will never be more than seconds old. The time at the top of the Data Page is the exact time the data was captured by the logger and is available to view milliseconds later. Weather Data is updated 2,880 times per Day & 1,051,200 times per Year. (-:

WX Station Hardware -: The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 is a genuinely professional weather station & was accurately calibrated & installed in January of 2018 (Online March 2018) at an Altitude of 253 + 4 Mts ASL with 360° views. The station was located adhering as closely as practicable to the "Weather Station Sighting Guidelines"; a purpose built site was not prepared. Hardware -: • Weather Station - Davis Instruments Vantage Proffesional 2 Plus (Wireless) • IP Data Interface & Logger - Davis Weather Link IP • IP Data Logger - Meteobridge IP.

Sensor Update Intervals -: • Wind Data - Every 2.25 - 2.5 Seconds (Speeds up to 300 Kmh, Azimuth 1° Resolution) • Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point etc. - 10 Seconds (Triple Sheilded & Fan Aspirated Sensors) • Barometer - 16 Seconds • Rain - 20 Seconds (0.2 mm Resolution) • Solar Radiation - 50 Seconds.

Welcome - Thank you for visiting ... Rob ... On the hill @ Rockleigh  •  Contact Me - 001|at|007Digital.net


Internet Access in Rockleigh -: If you are looking for an alternative to the NBN™, Beam Internet™ based in the Barossa Valley supplies FAST Wireless Internet Services to property's with line of sight to Murray Bridge. They also service many other country regions.

The Rockleigh CFS -: Thank you to all the members of The Rockleigh CFS and the countless others that assist them for your hard work and dedication.

Some Local History -: The Rockleigh School was built in the early 1900s after a previous classroom was conducted from 1881 to 1904 in the Gum Gully area. The school had 12 Students in 1907 and was finally closed in 1942.

Privacy -: You can be assured of your privacy. This website does not use any type of cookie technology and does not collect user data for, or display advertising. The website supports HTTPS.

Data Warning -: The data on this website is offered in good faith without any guarantees as to its accuracy & in consequence should not be used for important purposes.

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